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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Where is it?

Our condo is on the top floor of Newport Bay Towers facing South/West spanning the beach side with a panoramic view of the Balboa Pier, the beach, the Pacific Ocean and Catalina Island. 
The Address is: 310 Fernando Street, Newport Beach, CA  92661 
(this picture was taken from our balcony with a cell phone.)  

Who holds the title?

​“Fernando Hideaway LLC” holds the title of which you will be a 1/5th,  20% owner/member. 
(you keep the appreciation) 

What is included?

This is a small group of partner/owners and your fraction includes all of the furnishings, the duffy boat, toys, group and building amenties, maintenance and even management. (The Pacific Ocean is wonderful, but it is also hard on things if not maintained, so not having the headache of keeping it new is a big perk that you will definitely appreciate.)

How much access do I have? 

Exclusive use of the property for 10 weeks/yr, forever.  

Who manages the property?

The property is professionally managed, maintained, cleaned and stocked under the partners control and discresion.  You have the perk of just coming and using your vacation home hassle-free.

How much is it?

​This share is $495,000.   (We only have one share available of the 5 total.)

How is the calendar managed?

We use a calendar where each partner has the unit 2 weeks in a row in succession as the base calendar, though the partners are free to trade weeks with eachother as they might want or need. We shut down 1 week a year for deep cleaning. Each year we ratchet the calendar rotation back 1 week from the previous year so everyone naturally rotates through all of the holidays and prime times equally. 

Can I rent it?

No. The HOA does not allow any short term rentals,  although, being owners, of course family, friends and associates are welcome with you or in your stead.

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4 Reasons co-owning this is Better than owning it all by Yourself

By Yourself Ownership

1. To buy this unit outright yourself, it would cost over $2.5M.
2. To carry the ownership yourself it would cost you $65,000 each year in overhead.
3. As a single owner, you would be fully responsible to maintain it. (Which is much harder than it might sound, especially at the beach.)
4. If you bought this unit by yourself; it would likely sit empty for the majority of the year. Why pay for that? 


This Fractional Opportunity

1. To buy this unit with 4 other partners you only pay $495k instead of $2.5M.
(You save $2M -that is 85% less)
2. To carry this unit annually, only costs you $13k/yr instead of $65,000/yr
3. To have it professionally managed, stocked and maintained for you 100% hassle-free is a big perk!
4. 10 weeks a year exclusive access. (Most people can't use their vacation home more than 10 weeks/yr anyway, so why pay for it?)

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